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Tawaya Sahl Hasheesh

The word Tawaya, meaning folds, is a perfect fit for the project being located along the many natural contours of the locale offering sea views from any vantage point. It stems from a ripple of unforgettable memories waiting to be made from the comfort of one of our 140 exclusively designed apartments that are ready to deliver and fully finished and a simple step away from the beach. And there are many waiting to happen. "Tawaya Gold" allows to treat ones'-self in an authentic, rustic oriental environment to cater to every whim and wish. The Old Town at Sahl Hasheesh is the water front commercial hub of the area with a variety of amenities, entertainment, dining and shopping, from handmade crafts to designer boutiques, from fine dining to quaint outdoors, it's all here for all ages and thrills whether sun up or sun down. With the natural elevated contours of Sahl Hasheesh, practically every spot offers its own unobstructed sea view. As you stare out to the horizon it is hard to distinguish sea and sky in this postcard setting, from the comfort of your luxury apartment's heavenly rooftop setting. Much like the overlaying visual style of the entire project, "Tawaya Blue" consists of 3 upscale buildings with views of the crystal-clear waters with a set of buildings consisting of a modern yet homogeneous to its locale style of design, maintaining and respecting the feel of the greater surroundings.

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