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Palm Parks

A prodigy of Palm Hills, Palm Parks is a boutique neighborhood designed for the progressive community of West Cairo. The development brings a surge of momentum that brings a fresh spirit to the grass-concrete spaces. Created for people-centric individuals, the living philosophy of the project is to celebrate community above all. With communal areas, gorgeous park spaces, and homes that cater to small families and individuals, it truly is a place that puts humans at its core.

The project, placed on 475,000 sqm, is a pulsating catalyst for innovation, creative thought, and reflection. Artistic and commercial spaces add a metropolitan flavor to the 65% green project, making it one of the most well-rounded projects on the West side.

Shehab Mazhar Architecture
475,000 SQM
Heart of 6 October City
Recreation & Retail
Swimming Pool & Gym
24 hour security

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