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Reviving the Egyptian Soul

Reviving the Egyptian Soul is the latest CSR project from Palm Hills Developments. Initiated to redevelop impoverished villages in Upper Egypt and the Delta, the project aims to transform those villages into sustainable, model communities flourishing with life and opportunity.

Reviving the Egyptian Soul will entail reconstructing housing, providing reliable access to clean, potable water, implementing proper drainage and sewage systems, developing educational institutions and medical facilities. It is the hopes of Palm Hills to reach as many Egyptians in need as possible and offer them the chance to grow towards a brighter tomorrow.

We are proud to have extended our Building On platform to include the enhancement of lesser-developed segments to our society and improving the standards of life in all territories by developing integrated, self-sustaining communities. For us it is the people who make the place, so it is our privilege to provide them with the infrastructures and resources to create a better way of life for themselves and their families. Whether housing, creating job opportunities, implementing drainage and irrigation systems or rebuilding in the wake of a natural disaster we are there to support, aid and facilitate the path to a higher degree of living. It is the right of every person to have the chance for betterment and we are here to ensure everyone has the room to grow, thrive and flourish.

We at Palm Hills Developments view it as our honor and commitment to lay our expertise to those in need for the good of all, and it is this drive that keeps us Building On.

Corporate Social Responsibility