Vision & Mission


Palm Hills Vision

To become the real estate developer of choice that others aspire to be

Palm Hills Mission

To be the region's most influential developer that delivers premium quality projects with highest return on investment for our shareholders and clients, providing the best work environment for our employees

Our Commitment

  • Traversing through fluctuating times one fact remains concrete, that through the thick and thin of it, whatever the climate, the environment, the element, the challenge, we remain moving on, trucking on, braving on…building on. We will always keep on building on our innovation, investments, partnerships, customer satisfaction, comfort and security along with our promise to deliver. It's our mantra and our guarantee.

  • Our mission to redefine real estate development is focused on building in 3 directions: our diversified land bank, creative architecture, high quality delivery and upkeep.

  • Interweaving these three fundamental cornerstones, we began making our plans; initiating and implementing our strategic long-term ideas to meet the industry's growing demands whilst ensuring the sustainability of such developments across the board.

Our Commitment to Good Living

  • As a fully-fledged integrated real estate developer, our philosophy is to provide a better quality life by developing and maintaining signature projects that will not only influence the way people live in our communities, but the way Egyptians live in our country.

  • At Palm Hills Developments, we uphold our reputation by continuing to deliver quality. Each Palm Hills Developments community features solid construction principles with aesthetic charm, providing detail and efficiencies that go further than just their visible appeal.

  • As a catalyst for changing the way people live, we create modern infrastructures that go beyond conventional living, while at the heart of our pledge lies the determination to retain our tradition and culture.

Our Commitment to Diversity

  • With numerous locations nationwide, Palm Hills Developments spares no effort in master-planning every project to become a landmark destination.

  • In order to meet the market's growing demand for real estate developments, built in accordance to international standards and specifications, Palm Hills Developments has expanded and diversified its portfolio of work to include the development of integrated residential communities, commercial projects and tourism destinations.

Our Commitment to Life-long Experiences

  • With an ambition to create something remarkable, we realized early on that consistency and quality service is the key to continuous success and customers' satisfaction. To achieve this, we rely on a simple formula; to keep creating and adding value properties that appeal to both the end buyer and investor; providing the highest return not only on their investments, but on every moment spent within their homes and communities.

  • The conceptualization and architectural designs of all our projects are created by Architect Shehab Mazhar, Egypt's most renowned architect, and recipient of several international awards. Mazhar's unmatched capabilities and know-how of both the local and international market, coupled with his unique vision and insight, will provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional living experience.