Our People


Our People

  • We pride ourselves on our people [Palm Hills ONers]. They are our most vital resource and continue to inspire, perspire and aspire to take that extra step, exert that extra bit of effort, go that extra mile and grab that extra opportunity.

  • The people of Palm Hills Developments are the driving force that enables the company to realize its vision. From our team of international experts, local partners and employees, everyone who works at Palm Hills Developments possesses expertise in state-of-the-art technology and creative vision that adds value to every step of our development process.

  • We are committed to fostering the growth and enhancing the skills of our people, so that they grow as we grow.

  • That's why we had to go back and rewrite our corporate values and redefine the way we talk by creating our own Palm Hills ONers Dictionary.
    The Palm Hills ONers… Always Abover and Beyonder


Our Values

Passion, Innovation, Dynamism, Team-Spirit, Integrity and Quality Focused
  • At Palm Hills Developments, passion is an integral value coloring our performance for reaching our goals, serving our customers, and creating a superior work environment of enthusiasm, ownership and dedication in everything we do.

  • We promote innovation, creativity and forward thinking by challenging and empowering ourselves and others to see and reach beyond the current paradigm. Dynamism and Energy always drive us forward; We are never satisfied with the status quo, and always do our best to break silos and bureaucracies to achieve the most efficient and effective results possible.

  • We pride ourselves on our team-spirit, working together to achieve our goals. We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our business: We perform our duties with honesty, dedication, reliability and openness. Our decisions and actions consistently meet the highest ethical standards; we keep our word, deliver on our promises. We are focused on quality: We strive to consistently meet quality deliverables, seeking excellence in everything we do; we continuously challenge and improve our structures and processes. At Palm Hills Developments, we bring our corporate values to everything we do, especially the governance of our company.